Xbox 360 Mod Chip-What is it, and Should You Get One

Game padThere is a lot of discussion among Xbox users and gamers in general about the Xbox 360 Mod Chip – What is it, and should you get one.

A Mod Chip for the Xbox 360 is a computer chip that you can purchase and install into your Xbox 360. This chip will enhance the abilities of your console. The biggest enhancement is that your Xbox will now have the ability to play back-up game copies instead of just the original game disc. Sounds good, right? Well let us discuss the pros and cons of installing the Mod chip.

The first thing that you should know as a new owner of the Xbox is that Mod chips have been around for quite some time, and people have been using them for awhile. Most people install these chips so they can play back-up versions of their games, this keep them from using their original, and expensive, game disc in the console where it could be damaged. Most people are doing this without breaking any copy write laws. Unfortunately, there are those that do break copy write laws by passing copies of their games to all of their friends. Being able to preserve your original disc is a great use for a Mod chip, passing out free copies to your friends is not. This has caused Microsoft’s response to Mod chips.

In the beginning, you could use a “chipped” Xbox on Xbox Live, now you cannot. No matter what intentions you have for “chipping” your Xbox, if you attempt to use it on Xbox Live you will be permanently banned from Xbox Live. This is the main reason why you should not “chip” your Xbox; another reason is that installing the chip requires you to open your console, which in turn will void your warranty. If you need to back-up your game disc, it is better to use a USB memory stick, or external hard drive. The hard drive will need to be smaller than 16 gigs to work. Microsoft has also started allowing “cloud” back-ups; this allows you to save the entire contents of your hard drive to their “cloud” system.

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