Unlock iPhone and bypass the activation process on the iTunes

unlock iPhone

Unlocking the iPhone is one of the hottest topics currently being talked about because nobody likes to be bound by some sort of agreement. Is it possible to unlock an iPhone? In short there is no such phone that cannot be unlocked. But unlocking aka jail-breaking often brings other risks with the phones ability to work in the future. This post will show you how you can unlock an iPhone or just bypass the activation process on the iTunes without a lot of searching on the net.

Before you even start to do something to unlock an iPhone you need to know that after you do this you will lose your phone warranty.

How to bypass the activation process on iTunes?

  1. Check that the SIM card you put in has the PIN protection turned off. After you put in the SIM card, turn on your iPhone.
  2. A “Slide for emergency” appears on the screen and what you should do is to call * # 301 # to force the iPhone to call itself. It may happen that the notification about an incoming call disappears instantly or the phone still rings and you cannot answer. Just dial 0 and it will reappear on the screen.
  3. Answer your phone and tap the Hold button
  4. The mobile phone will call itself again and now you need to reject the call. This should bring you back to the call making screen.
  5. Tap a contact and select the + icon to add a new contact. In this new contact, add only two links and nothing else. To add links go to Add new URL. The first link you need to type is prefs: then add a new link and i.unlock.no then click Save.
  6. Your contact now has two web addresses. Touch the first prefs: what will take you to the ‘settings’ screen. You need this because you need to turn on the Wi-Fi, therefore turn it on with a light touch and wait for the available contacts of W-LAN signal. When it shows that it’s ‘connected’, in the settings select General – Auto-Lock – Never
  7. Now press the ‘home’ button (the button at the bottom of the iPhone), “Slide for emergency” should appear. Slide and again call 0, answer the call, press the Hold and refuse next call. Re-enter the contacts. Select the contact that you made and run the link i.unlock.no.
  8. Safari will launch and show you that page. Select the option ‘tap here’ to jailbreak your iPhone.
  9. The phone will return to the home screen and should restart by itself.
  10. If it doesn’t restart, connect it to the computer and try again.
  11. When the phone turns on again the screen should say “Slide to unlock” which means it has been successful and your iPhone has now been activated and is ready for further installation.

This works with the 1.1.1 software version. If you do not know which version you have on your iPhone call * 3001 # 12345 # * and tap ‘versions’.¬†After this procedure, you can use your normal SIM card from a provider you purchased the product from. Mobile phone is not unlocked it is just activated without signing onto iTunes.

How to unlock an iPhone

To find the unlock method; you need to choose the iPhone baseband you have on your device.

Types of unlocks


UltraSn0w is the oldest way to unlock an iPhone baseband modem, using software methods. UltraSn0w is a small Cydia tweak that allows you to unlock your iPhone for free and works on some versions of the baseband iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. To use UltraSn0w you need a jailbreak.

Gevey Sim

Gevey Sim is a small SIM card that you use with your existing SIM card. This is a hardware unlock method which is free and works with some versions of baseband iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Gevey Sim is made by Apple n Berry and is recommended that you buy from them and not from eBay, etc. There are other types of cards similar to these, but most are not verified.

Factory unlock

If you fail any one of the above methods, you can always pay to unlock the iPhone 4 directly through Apple regardless of the contract with the operator. Unfortunately, this option is not free, but it is completely safe and works 100%.